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As the weather gets nicer, more and more people will take their motorcycles onto roadways across the United States. Whether operating a motorcycle, car, or truck, a motorist is required to pay attention to others on the road. Although one driver may do everything right, there are often others that share the road who do not take the proper precautions or considerations when regarding others. For a motorcyclist, this neglect or recklessness could be deadly.

A recent lawsuit involving a motorcyclist and a car has settled to award the motorcyclist—who lost his right leg from the crash—$975,000 in damages. Our attorney Bob Whitley, who represented the plaintiff, fought for his client to receive compensation after having his right leg amputated below-the-knee as a direct result of the collision.
Bob Whitley also fought to dismiss faulty and unreliable evidence for his client and took the responsibility of contacting the health care provider himself. Although this case proved to be a victory for the plaintiff, not all motorcycle accident cases have such dedicated legal representation.

An End to Distracted Driving

While motorcycle safety is key, a majority of accidents involving bikes are the fault of other motorists. Unfortunately, distracted driving is becoming more and more common on roadways across the country, and this growing practice can be deadly for those driving motorbikes and other small vehicles.
Although wearing bright, reflective clothing and a helmet while operating your motorcycle can be beneficial, the duty of care also belongs to those operating larger vehicles. True, it is essential for a motorcycle operator to understand the risks of their bike, but it is also in the hands of those driving automobiles and trucks to pay close attention to who they share the road with.

Resources a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Offer

Sometimes, it is not easy to assign fault or blame after a motorcycle accident. Trucks, cars, and other drivers on the road are told to be aware of motorcyclists, but this does not always translate into safe driving for either party involved. You may not know where to start—or what evidence to gather—to prove you are innocent, but with the right legal counsel, you may not have to know.
This is because motorcycle accident attorneys have a wide array of tools at their disposal to help you with your accident claim. Our lawyers used experts in toxicology and accident reconstruction, as well as those knowledgeable in mechanical forensics and engineering to help our client in this case—and we could help you too.
By understanding the process and having experience dealing with many motorcycle claims, we can make sure that all aspects of your case are handled. We have dealt with insurance companies in many scenarios, so we understand the complexities of the medical forms and fees that could come with your case.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you have been in an accident involving a motorcycle, it can be important that you seek knowledgeable legal counsel. There are a lot of factors that might influence your motorcycle accident case, and the experienced lawyers at The Whitley Law Firm know firsthand how to handle them with favorable results for our clients. Visit or call (919)785-5000 for a free case evaluation from one of our intake team members.

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