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The phrases “tort reform” and “frivolous lawsuits” are commonplace in today’s society. Everyone seems to have an opinion about ambulance chasers and lawyers being just out for money. But how accurate is this? According to a video created by a group of attorneys in Washington, D.C.,  this could not be farther from the truth. Click here to watch the video:

The civil justice system has always been the way our society seeks to make people whole after they have been harmed. We do not have a time machine where we can go back and prevent the wrong from occurring in the first place. However, what we do have is a civil court system that allows money damages to be awarded to try to make someone whole again.

Ask any individual who has been in a severe car wreck and who suffered multiple, life-altering orthopedic injuries; ask any family member who has lost a loved one to ovarian cancer from years of talcum powder use. They will all tell you that no amount of money is worth the circumstances they endured. They will probably tell you that nothing can really make them whole again. But having the ability to file a lawsuit and seek justice for their injuries or their loved ones is the way that our system tries to right those wrongs.

Filing a lawsuit is a difficult, long, and expensive process . And there are procedural tools that lawyers can use to seek dismissal of a case that lacks merit. As the video makes clear, there are fewer lawsuits being filed now than any time in recent history – by a long shot. Lawsuits are how regular people can hold multi-billion dollar companies accountable for their actions, and a how an injured twenty-year old who sustains a brain injury can fund the care he will need for the rest of his life. So the next time someone starts talking about too many lawsuits, truly consider whether that is actually something to agree with.

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