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Monsanto Slammed with $2 Billion Verdict for Roundup Weed Killer
Whitley Law Firm

The Roundup Weed Killer cases are mounting against Monsanto, a unit under pharmaceutical behemoth Bayer AG. There have been several verdicts reached but the one announced late Monday afternoon is by far the largest – $2 billion for a married couple who both used Roundup for years, and both were diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. There are more than ten thousand similar cases pending in state court and a multi-district litigation in California and Bayer’s CEO has disclosed the recent massive verdicts to shareholders concerned about the value of the company with these impending suits.

The science is sound – the active ingredient in Roundup that makes it so effective, glyphosate, is a known carcinogen and specifically can be a substantial contributing factor in causing Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a dangerous type of cancer. The attorneys have been able to show jurors that Monsanto, and then Bayer, knew about the dangers associated with glyphosate for decades but failed to warn about it on the product’s labeling or otherwise share the information with regulatory authorities or the public.

Thousands of North Carolinians have used Roundup since it was released on the market in the 1980’s, and many of them may be facing a NHL diagnoses. It is an all too common theme in products liability cases – a company placing profits over the people who use their products. And it’s one that resonates with jurors time and again.

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