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Halloween is many peoples’ favorite holiday, as a spirit of fun and lighthearted spookiness takes over. Many people enjoy creating elaborate costumes, re-watching classic Halloween movies, or decorating for the holiday. However, if you choose to enjoy Halloween, here are some basic safety tips to keep in mind so everyone can have fun.

For Trick-or-treating:
• Only cross streets at crosswalks or traffic lights if possible, but if there are none, try to cross at intersections
• Stay on the sidewalks if there are any, or walk on the side of the street toward oncoming traffic and ALWAYS look both ways for any oncoming traffic
• Adults and children should carry a flashlight or glowstick. This not only increases their ability to see, but also a driver’s ability to see them
• Stay alert to the surroundings. This means not looking at your phone, and checking driveways for cars that might be backing up
• Make sure both parents and adults have some form of reflective paint or clothing to increase visibility to cars
• Check that any masks do not impair the wearer’s line of vision
• If you are letting your child trick-or-treat alone establish a predetermined route and curfew
• Stay in groups wherever possible, and if children are unaccompanied make sure they stay with a responsible group of friends

For Adults:
• Drive with extreme caution, especially in residential neighborhoods
• Keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters, as they might be small or wearing dark clothes
• If you are handing out candy, make sure the walkway to the door is well-lit and does not have tripping hazards

If you follow these simple safety precautions, everyone can continue to enjoy the spooky season!

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